Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Friend - Patrick

© by Chad Finer
PATRICK GARLOUGH: he came from the Kailahun area in the Eastern Province and was a nephew to our friends Sabina and Pa Garlough who lived across from us. Patrick had attended some primary school and was probably in his twenties when we knew him. From time to time he worked as a laborer on the HRSS compound. Patrick became our close friend and was a frequent traveler with me on the bush roads in our area. During these trips he would teach me Mende words for things that I saw, and would help me when I traveled to see things that otherwise one might miss without good guidance. Patrick was my teacher on these road trips helping me to understand Mende ways and helped to translate conversation when we came across folks who spoke to me in Mende. Although I did make an attempt to learn the language there were times when I needed his help to get beyond simple everyday talk. I think Patrick enjoyed these treks as he was amused at my interest in learning all of this and he liked playing to role of teacher. It was very rare for me to travel these bush paths without Patrick coming along. He did speak some English but preferred speaking to us in Krio. He was always very careful on our walks seeing to it that we were prepared for any bad weather or dangerous situations that might come our way while we traveled. He taught me about farming - about trapping - about fishing - about making raffia - and about Mende ways as we traveled about. [Elizabeth Garlough - see below - was Patrick's cousin]

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