Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elizabeth Garlough with Baby Isetta

© by Chad Finer
Elizabeth Garlough lived across the road from us. In this photo she is holding her daughter Isetta. Alfred Porter can be seen to her lower right. In the background to Elizabeth's left are Hawa (in rear) and Gina (in dress with hand on hip) - two little girls who worked very hard in the household. I do not remember the boy in the background on the right. The house in those days was #55 Dama Road a place where we had many friends living in those days. I remember the house being owned by Mama Hokey. Elizabeth was perhaps in her early twenties - Isetta in this picture was about a year old. As with all my pictures - I also took a black and white picture which I later gave to Elizabeth. This was taken in 1969. Elizabeth befriended us early in our Kenema days when she came to visit us after we had been robbed and offered us rice. She rapidly became our friend spending many a visit cooking with Susan, or just talking. We knew her Mom (Sabina Garlough) and her father. We also became close friends with most of her family. Elizabeth had left school after the primary grades due to not having school fees. She had a wonderful sense of humor, and was very smart. My most vivid memory of her was how very friendly she was - yet never asked anything of us in return. [Kenema]

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