Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Those Gone

From personal conversation with my old friend from Kenema, David Siaka Kpaka (now living in NYC) I have learned of the deaths of Mama Hokey Kemoh, Mrs. Porter and also her sons Gashan and Bankole, Teacher Goba (who died in Bo), Pa Garlough, and teacher Andrew Zoker (he was of the Vai ethnic group and from Sulima in the southeast). David told me that Mama Sabina Garlough was still alive. Last year, Susan Banya-Legg made a visit to Sierra Leone, and when I asked her to try and send a message to Mama Hokey she agreed to try. On return (she lives in the UK) she also let me know that Mama Hokey had died. Special thanks to Susan for her efforts.

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Duncan Clarke said...

Hello Chad,
Thank you for posting all this interesting material. I was in Freetown last month.
I am a London based dealer and researcher specialising in african textiles. If you are ever interested in selling any of your more elaborate Mende cloths please do contact me at adire@btinternet.com
Regards, Duncan Clarke