Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peace Corps Years 1968-70

For anyone interested - I am showing about 40 of my pictures from my Peace Corps years at a show at the Norwich Public Library in Norwich, Vermont. The show will begin in January 2012. Come by and have a look.


nikiibu said...

Glad to hear your show's in place and taking off at last. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chad, I always enjoy visiting your site and as I told you earlier in one of my comments, I am a product of HRSS from the 80s. I have a question and a request for you. First, we have just formed the HRSS Alumnae Association North America Chapter and we are planning our first annual reunion/fundraising dance in May 2012. Would you, your wife (others such as Bob) consider gracing the event if we ask you to be our Guests of Honor and Guest Speaker respectively? And secondly, if you do accept our invitation, will you kindly bring along and display your photos for all to see? Who knows you may hear more stories about your Dama road friends or even meet people whom you knew as kids. Old students will be coming from all over the continental United States and Canada to converge in Maryland/DC where the event will take place. The school needs a lot of help, we're now working on fixing the fence at the back of the school with the steps and renovating the Library, which I learned from one of your blogs that the then young (late) Ted Kennedy sent books for through the help of your mom,thanks! Today, the Library is virtually empty, no books, we have current photos of the school. The UK chapter is renovating the Chemistry/ Biology labs. We (old girls) are committed in bringing our school back to it's glory days. YES WE CAN!!! Again, thanks for sharing such priceless memories of yours with all of us, thank you!

by Chad Finer said...

Anonymous: thanks for your posting today.
I loved my 2 years of teaching at HRSS-Kenema. I especially enjoyed the students. They were fun, had wonderful senses of humor, worked hard, at times were challenged by a syllabus that in those days seemed more designed for kids from the UK then kids from West Africa. Those were wonderful years.

Perhaps you can email me and we can discuss this further. I do have some photos of those years at HRSS - Kenema and of course a lot about my Dama Rd neighborhood and activities that went on about us. And then there are photos of Bondo activity - I remember that sometimes these didn't sit too well with the Catholic Church - but for me many of these activities were new and I found historic and traditional value in them. My show of Jan 2012 (in my hometown) covers a broad spectrum of activities. I have another "show" coming up in New York at the Queensborough College that solely is about the Bondo Devil (aka as Bondo Spirit). So if you want to talk more get in touch with me at
finer@valley.net. Thanks for your interest.
Chad Finer

by Chad Finer said...

oh also....my wife and I were teachers in the first year of HRSS-Kenema. I think the library was small and it was actually my wife's aunt who wanted to give the library about 300 (perhaps more) books. She was from Massachusetts (she has since died) and contacted Senator Kennedy about how to send these books so that they would reach Kenema. Out of his pocket he personally paid to have those books delivered to HRSS-Kenema. I wonder how many HRSS-Kenema graduates know about this. They came in late 1968 in multiple deliveries. Chad

Anonymous said...

Great! I will definitely contact you. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

See why we need you as a potential guest speaker?:-) Most graduates of HRSS have no idea about such noble undertaken of both your aunt(RIP) and senator Kennedy (RIP). I am finding this out from you myself. Will get in touch Chad. What wonderful memories!