Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Netball - Kenema Teacher's Training College c. 1969

photo © by Susan Finer

Amusingly, when we arrived at the Kenema Holy Rosary Secondary School and the Kenema Teacher's Training College I was assigned, among other things, to be the netball coach for both institutions. Not only did I not know what netball was but I had also no idea about the game. Sister Miriam (Sr. Tracey) gave me a rule book (out of the U.K.) and off I went to read about the game. Luckily the students knew the game, and when I made blunders they corrected me so that I learned quickly. I had two teams - one from the HRSS-Kenema Secondary School, and one from the Teacher's Training College. In this photo taken by my wife the TTC is playing the TTC from Pujehun - at Pujehun in the Southern Province. The teachers were very competitive and as I remember, they won this game. My Secondary School team played that day against the HRSS Pujehun team and did not fare as well. In the picture - the Kenema TTC is in white uniforms with Juliana Bio with the ball and Dolly Peters to the right. That's me in the picture doing the refereeing. 

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