Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Village of Sokurella - Northern Province

photo © by Chad Finer

March 1970:  I have posted a group of related photos of this Kuranko village which sat on the bush road from Kurobonla to the Loma Mountain summit - Mt. Bintumani. It was in this village that on my second trip to this area in March 1970 Lloyd Ziegler (a fellow Peace Corps volunteer) and I stayed for several days, setting up our tent in the village. I took a number of photos of the goings on in Sokurella - the villagers were warm and friendly and seemed to tolerate us being a part of the background activity. March marked the very last month of the Dry Season and although it got very hot and very humid it did not rain. During the mid-day it got uncomfortably hot in the sun, but sitting under the covering of a Kuranko house veranda could lessen the temperature by as much as 10ยบ. This photo of a Kuranko woman making a fishing net was taken under such a covering. 

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