Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jobai with Attendants

Location: Hangha - near Kenema
Date: circa 1969
photo © by Chad Finer

photo © by Chad Finer

I do not remember the circumstance for the coming out of this masquerade. That being said I think this photo was taken in Hangha - essentially at that time Hangha was a suburb of Kenema. This may have been part of a celebration of independence day in 1969. Jobai, seen here with attendants had some unusual movements - it could amusingly collapse to an almost flat position [I have posted a series showing this elsewhere]. Jobai was a Mende masquerade (devil) that seemed to come out during celebrations. The main portion - the body - was composed of raffia made from palm tree leaves - its top was made of finely colored yarn fashioned into various shapes - 4 bands of country cloth hung in front and back, and on the sides. 

location: Eastern Province

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