Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kuranko Woman with Red Necklace

photo © by Chad Finer
Location:village of Sokurella - Northern Province - foothills of the Loma Mountains and Mt. Bintumani
Date: March 1970

From the Kurobonla side of Mt. Bintumani I hiked into this village, the last village from this side at the base of the mountain. As noted before the hike into this village was not steep but the heat and humidity were impressive. My fellow hiker Lloyd Ziegler, a Peace Corps volunteer also stationed in Kenema where he taught at  Holy Trinity Boy's Secondary School, and I stayed in the village for several days before heading on up the mountain to the summit. This photo was taken during the middle of the day, when the sun was very bright, but where you could to some degree escape the heat by sitting on the veranda of a house. This woman permitted me to take her picture, and sit on her veranda. I was attracted by her bright red necklace. She was caring for a number of children - the white spool on the left in the picture was a spool of cotton being made into cotton thread - eventually to be used for weaving into bands of country cloth. 

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