Monday, March 7, 2016

Backyard at #55 Dama Road

photo © by Chad Finer
The back yard at Dama Road was usually very busy with meal preparation. Mornings might be spent gathering firewood but by mid afternoon the rice would be worked in the mortar and pestle and then cooked on outdoor fires. In this image the woman (Baindu Lansana and Mamie) and little Hokey "Kpokpoi" are seen pounding the rice in preparation for the evening meal. This photo was taken out the back door (and from the back veranda) of #55 Dama Road - in Kenema. When there were rains the kitchen would be moved under shelter but this sheltered kitchen was smokey. Here three logs regularly moved in to keep them burning were used to cook the rice. This photo was taken in 1969-70.

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